Tree Pruning

Tree Fellas offer a number of pruning options which enhance your tree and will be better for the tree’s health in the long run. Talk to Tree Fellas about other tree trimming/pruning services such as:

  • Removal of deadwood
  • Canopy thinning
  • Canopy reduction
  • Branch weight reduction
  • Formative pruning
  • Crown renewal
  • Canopy lifting
  • Increase fruit yield
  • Palm pruning

Tree Removal

Tree removal is one of our specialties. Our qualified and experienced staff can remove your tree (including palms), big or small safely and efficiently. We use modern techniques and equipment, including crane and helicopter-assisted lifting.

Hedge Trimming

With almost four decades of experience we are known as Auckland’s hedge trimming experts. Our experienced arborists can take care of all hedge’s from small to medium right through to large to extra large including shelter belt plantings.

Mulch Sales

We work with a local supplier to provide a premium aged mulch.
Notes from our supplier: “Possibly the most nutritious mulch available on the market for your garden. A 100% natural mulch which also contains compost and has a carbon component. As your garden gets naturally irrigated, the compost will dissipate into the garden to feed and condition the soil. At the same time, the mulch component sits on top, trapping heat, moisture and suppressing any weeds”.

Costings are $30 +gst per cubic meter, with a minimum delivery of two cubic meters. An additional delivery fee ranging from $38 +gst to $120 +gst applies depending on the location of delivery. It is best to contact us to get pricing on this. Please contact us to place an order for mulch.

We also provide a FREE ‘fresh arborist’ mulch service to schools and large commercial sites. If you think you may fit this category please contact us today for further information on this.

Tree Reports/Consulting

If you’re worried about the health of your tree, call us to come and perform an arboricultural assessment of your trees. We can also provide inspection and reports required for Resource Consent applications, dispute resolution or just simply peace of mind. We will do a thorough assessment, taking into consideration factors such as tree age, size, species, condition, location, use of surrounding area, nearby constructions. We also do site monitoring for works within the drip line of your trees.

Bamboo Removal

We can provide a service for complete Bamboo removal including spraying programs and removal of roots with re-instatement as an additional option.

Site Clearing

With a large fleet of machinery including whole tree chippers, we can tackle any site clearing work efficiently and cost effectively. Call us today for a free quotation.

Branch Chipping

We provide a branch and wood chipping service charged out at our company hourly rate. It would be advisable to consult with us first before you start cutting though as we often find it may be cheaper if we do the cutting for you.

Stump Grinding

We have a range of large and small stump grinders to rid your property of tree stumps, big and small, or in confined spaces. We also provide a service to reinstate stumps with topsoil or new plantings.

If you have trees or shrubs to be pruned or felled, contact us and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote.

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